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We make immersive and interactive experiences.

We have made elaborate parties, intimate¬†blindfolded journeys in the dark, interactive documentaries, audio walks, VR, films, games in the middle of the night, immersive theatre without the actors… we like stories, and dreaming up new ways to build them.

The experiences we make all engage with you, as the participant, in a physical, playful and poetic way; you will not leave in quite the same state as you arrived.

Anagram care deeply about how diverse audience members might experience their work, and manage to find ways to push each participant beyond their everyday comfy places, without ever making them feel exposed, uncomfortable, or like they might be doing it wrong.Verity McIntosh, Programme Lead for MA Virtual Reality at UWE Bristol

We do not have anything permanently installed Рif you are curious to see a show or want one to arrive in your town, then send us an email to

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Avian Avenue

The people have all moved out, others have moved in

Picture 6

Finding Frank

A solo documentary musical with live-drawn inks and shadow puppet animation.

The Singing Tunnel

The Singing Tunnel

In the singing tunnel, no song is out of tune. No person without talent.