A virtual reality documentary about living in many realities.  

Coming soon:
Autumn 2021

Goliath is an animated VR narrative based on the real-life story of a man diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia who, following a decade of isolation in psychiatric institutions, found a lifeline in online multiplayer gaming.

Guided by our protagonist's narration, the audience navigates different layers of his real and virtual worlds, and experiences the friendships and connections he found in the gaming community. 

VR offers the perfect medium to explore the blurred boundary between the real and the unreal of psychosis, and the relationship between an individual, their avatar and others. Goliath presents an uplifting look at overcoming isolation through online connection.

Goliath will launch on the Oculus Quest in Autumn 2021. Goliath is supported by Oculus, the BFI, Digital Catapult, CNC, StoryFutures Academy and the Venice Biennale College. Created and produced by Anagram with Floréal Films as Co-Producers.



Barry Gene Murphy – Director, Writer 
May Abdalla – Co-Director, Writer, Executive Producer 
Dr. Michael Golembewski – Interaction Designer, Lead Developer 
Anetta Jones – Lead Producer
Oliver Bancroft  – Writer, Script Consultant
Xandi Adderley  –Technical Director
Armando Sepulveda - CG Supervisor 
Jordan Alexander - Technical Production Manager
Javier Lajara - Technical Production Manager
Joe Bain  – Developer
Aaron Cupples – Composer
Owen Parnell - Sound Designer
Henrik Oppermann – Sound Designer
Rebecca Parnell - Sound Designer
Leon Denise – Technical Artist
Antonis Papamichael – Concept Artist
Jeeun Shim - 3D Generalist
Benjamin Vedrenne - 3D Generalist
Kimon Matara - Rigger
Ollie Patricio - Character Animator
Eoghan Kidney - Story Consultant
Rebecca Frankel – Executive Consultant
Kirsty Jennings – Executive Producer
Neville Daniel - Technical Consultant
Katayoun Dibamehr - Co-producer, Floréal Films
Avi Amar - Co-producer, Floréal Films
Amy Seidenwurm – Executive Producer, Oculus
Yelena Rachitsky – Executive Producer, Oculus