An evolving interactive paper city. A stage upon which to play out the politics of how we live together. 

Installed in the Arcade of Bush House for two months in 2018. Would we make a better world than this one if we had complete control?

Nowville was an evolving interactive sculpture that told the story of a future city. Beginning as a blank canvas of a paper model city, this silent metropolis – empty apart from rows of ghostly buildings, blank billboards and winding streets – was transformed into a collective vision of the future by the staff and students of Kings College London.

“You are invited to help build the city of Nowville – the evolving miniature metropolis that will play out your utopian dreams. Come and sign up as a citizen and move your tiny avatar through the city’s streets, ride its railway and project your fantasies on its glowing billboards.”

Nowville was installed in The Arcade at Bush House in KCL in November 2017.