Only Lean On That Which Resists

The Order of Balance is the greatest public service that the world has never heard of. 

A one-night immersive spectacle-come-party commissioned by Mozilla for Mozfest 2016.


All sacred communiqués since the dawn of time have been made possible only thanks to the intricate and profound rituals of balance that our sacred order have conducted. We would never have needed to make your acquaintance if it hadn’t been for some strange and snarky problems we’ve noticed lately. We think you are partly responsible and therefore we have decided that we need your help. We are inviting you to be initiated into our order.

This is auspicious because no one has been enrolled into our community since the troubles of 1859. The night of your initiation will be the 29th October 2016. This date marks the 47th anniversary of the creation of the internet, the 1023nd anniversary by the occupation of Syria by the Byzantines as well as National Cat Day.

Set upon the Thames in a secret location, you are invited to the Headquarters - where we live, work, and play. The eggs are created and destroyed, our thumbs are trained, our soft wear updated and the penance delivered for those in the Dark Web.”

Made for Mozfest 2016 and commissioned by Mozilla, The Order of Balance was a one-night-only immersive party involving a boat trip across London accompanied by an audio story, a party in a four storey warehouse entirely filled with performers and a midnight parade worshipping a golden cactus.

The Order of Balance Headquarters is now closed to everyone except those who were brave enough to be initiated into the Order on the 29th October 2016.




Amy Rose and May Abdalla

Producer team:
Jacques Graves and Alice Russell

Production Designer:
Amaya Dent

Art team:
Lydia Higginson, Harriet Trowbridge, Oscar Cooper, Will Stone, Jack Hanson, Clemmie James, Alice Begg, Richard Houguez, Mishthi Dent, Zosia Poulter

Costume Designer:
Hannah McMahon Major

Costume team:
Oliver Cronk, Craig Hall

Lighting team:
Ben Bailes, Dan Light, Harriet Wallis, Keith, Steve

Sound design:
Luke Harney

Caroline Williams

Food and drink:
Orla O’Caroll and Anna Griffith

Zoe Cobb


Tom Bell, Harry Humberstone, Lotte Allan, Lucy Harrington, Polly Sands, Holly Jacks, Callum Madge, Susanna Hislop, Claire Lenahan, Ellie Stamp, Jude Hutchens, Norberto, Philippa Hambly, Teele Uustani, Alice Motta, Helena Rice, Beth Stratford, David Seddon, Dave Fuller, Jack Freedman, Paddy Gillett, Tom Marshman, Nikki Hafter, Dan Kuper. 

Music from Brasstermind, Nikhil Shah and Llywelyn Ap Myrddin.