Universal Motherhood

An immersive multi form exhibition following the course of five women across the globe, as they navigate the final stages of pregnancy, endure labour and give birth in this striking immersive exhibition. 

Audiences embark on a journey through photography, video and soundscape and are transported around the globe to bear witness to intimate birth journeys. The story explores the politics of what it means to have the support of safe healthcare when bringing new life into the world.

In a series of powerfully intimate photographs and videos, world famous photographers Carlota Guerrero, Bieke Depoorter, Diana Markosian, Dana Popa and Sian Davey captured the raw emotion and intimacy of five mothers’ experiences. 

The exhibition was designed to give visitors an intimate encounter with the five mothers’ joy and pain, exhaustion, elation, and above all, overwhelming love by taking them on a journey using different immersive platforms. Ranging from an intimate audio experience inviting visitors to remember their own mother’s journey, to stepping into a mesmerising light installation with real time data on global infant mortality, making clear the infinite optimism that it takes to become a mother.

The exhibition was created to highlight why all women should have access to essential healthcare and that no mother should have to give birth and no baby be born without the support of a skilled health worker.

The exhibition was opened in March 2018 in Noho Studios, Fitzrovia, London.




96 Teesdale Street

London E2 6PU

In Residence
Pervasive Media Studio
Watershed, 1 Canons Road
Bristol BS1 5TX

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