Reveal rebellious heroes from across time with the power of your voice

Launching at the 67th BFI London Film Festival (4-22 October, 2023), GHOSTS OF SOLID AIR is a 60-minute Augmented Reality (AR) story for your phone, taking you into a world of radical voices and shadows from across time. 

Visit Ghosts of Solid Air's dedicated website for more information. 


On a journey from Trafalgar Square to the Houses of Parliament, you speak and they speak back - pressing through an invisible membrane with messages for you.

As you move, you encounter a ghost world layered right on top of us —shadows who shimmer in and out of vision, haunting the streets and whispering messages into the air. These are people from across time who were radicalised through personal experience and forced into disobedient action. “Obey those in charge at your peril”, they say. “Speak up! And you will be heard”. A story that seemed rooted in the past, preoccupied with problems of long ago, is brought right up to the present day in Parliament Square where voices of the living occupy the airwaves. 

Through an encounter with those who have been pushed beyond their tipping point, this experience asks: where does disobedience come from? And what does it take to speak up? Walk with the ghosts—and decide for yourself. 


Available on Google Play Store between 4-22 October, 2023
Currently, Ghosts of Solid Air is not available for iOS.


In collaboration with We Are Parable, join us for an evening of live performance and conversation at the Rich Mix (London) on 17 October, 2023 - with Tatenda Naomi Matsvai, Axel Kacoutie, Kojo Koram and Chris Shepherd from the Light Surgeons.

From the long tail of the British empire and its impact on our everyday lives now, to the power of rebellion and what happens when people choose or are forced into taking action.

Ghosts of Solid Air explores the ghosts that surround us - and the piece itself asks that you go to Trafalgar Square in person and embark on an audio-led solo journey to Big Ben.

This event will share the spirit of the piece (which is currently available as part of the LFF Expanded programme at the BFI until 22 October) as a one night only live event at the Rich Mix.

Visit HERE for more information on how to get tickets.





Ghosts of Solid Air is a new work by Anagram, in collaboration with Sonali Bhattacharyya, Phill Tew, Will Young, Mireille Fauchon, Axel Kacoutié, Chi Thai and Oscar Cheung.

The piece was developed with support from Amaya Jeyarajah Dent, Sahar Bano Malik and in collaboration with a group of community co-creators Janache John Baptiste, Kusheema Nurse, Laurice McIntosh Cargill, Caroline Francis, Maia Nurse and Hannah Daisy.

Ghosts of Solid Air is supported by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) and University College London, and presented in partnership with We Are Parable.

A special thanks to Dr. Colin Sterling at the University of Amsterdam, Professor Rodney Harrison at University College London and CAMERA Studio at the University of Bath.



Amy Rose - Director & Co-Writer
Sonali Bhattacharyya - Co-Writer
Phill Tew - Developer
Caroline Williams- Dramaturg
Will Young - 3D Artist
Mireille Fauchon - Art Director
Axel Kacoutié - Sound Designer
Oscar Cheung - Graphic Designer
Sahar Bano Malik - Community Coordinator and Researcher
Chi Thai - Strategic Producer
Kirsty Jennings - Executive Producer
John Hunter - Creative Producer
Amaya Jeyarajah Dent - Creative Producer (R&D)
Leonardo Lami - Studio Producer
Elaine Hsu - Head of Comms & Marketing
Katie Welford - Fundraiser
Tara Silverthorn - Motion Capture Performer

Co-Creators Group
Janache John Baptiste 
Kusheema Nurse 
Laurice McIntosh Cargill
Maia Nurse
Caroline Francis
Hannah Daisy

Tatenda Naomi Matsvai - Gatekeeper
Tim McMullan - Gatekeeper
Abraham Popoola - Olaudah
Aaron Neil - Udham
Imogen Doel - Josie

Parliament Square Activists
Andria Efthimiou-Mordaunt
Dan Glass
Edward Daffarn
Navern Kruz

Archive sound recordings courtesy of Ian Rawes and London Sound Survey

With Thanks to
We Are Parable
Professor Rodney Harrison, University College London
Dr. Colin Sterling, University of Amsterdam
CAMERA Studio, University of Bath
Sophie Naftalin of Bhatt Murphy Solicitors
David Baldwin at City of London
Sophie Develyn for dramaturg support
Keir Vine and his amazing studio