Giant Binoculars

A pair of interactive giant binoculars for the city streets.

A giant pair of binoculars curiously appear in public space - perhaps a busy high street, a white sand beach or in a train station. From one end, the lenses are mirrored and eye catching. Striking, beautiful and recognisable as an object of use made giant, they easily draw interest and interaction. When you look through them - all is not quite as it seems.


i see the future

The Giant Binoculars started life as I See The Future - a participatory public art project, prompting conversations about the future between communities.

Two giant pairs of binoculars curiously appeared on the streets of Stratford on Avon in September 2019. Sturdy and beautiful, the sculptures acted as a striking intervention to spark a vital contemporary conversation.

A series of outreach workshops were built into the first half of the project, where the Anagram team worked with local people to have conversations about their hopes and dreams for the future.

Drawings and audio from the workshops were then transformed into vibrant animations, and these play inside the binoculars as a layer over a real-time video feed of the view beyond. Each pair of binoculars has a different animated film on loop - focusing on different ideas and themes, and creating a conversation between the two locations.

After Stratford, the project mutated into
Now You See Me

now you see me

Commissioned for Curiocity - a public art festival on the streets of Brisbane, Australia. When you peer through the giant lenses, you see people making their way through the world beyond - reality as it flows. Layered on top of this, digital augmentation appears.

As each person passes within a certain distance, their image morphs and mutates - and leave trails behind them. Colours flash, textures bulge in and out, snapshots stay in the space left behind as each commuter flits past. From hidden speakers, sounds triggered by each mutation rumble and hiss - offering an atmospheric aural layer to the experience.

Now You See Me offers a playful and accessible reinterpretation of how the world could look or be. 

The binoculars are available for touring - with new content made for each site in the same way, or alternative bespoke content using the binoculars as a platform for an unusual perspective on reality. The content could be projection mapped, developed by a specific artist, or in collaboration with certain local groups.


Director: Amy Rose
Producer - Amaya Jeyarajah Dent
Design: Tabitha Pope and Giles Thaxton
Production manager: Angus Denton

I See The Future:
Tech: Ben Bailes
Animation: Lottie Kingslake
Art Workshop facilitation: Tom Berry

Now You See Me:
Interactive visuals: Limbic Cinema