An immersive experience about how we come to understand the world

Launching 2024, Impulse: Playing with Reality is a groundbreaking Mixed Reality (MR) experience that playfully explores what it means to live with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). 

Following on from the award-winning first episode Goliath, Impulse is part of the of the Playing with Reality collection where immersive technology is used to take people into the first-hand experience of different mental health conditions—whilst questioning how we come to see these conditions, question biases and reflect on how individually we perceive our shared reality.    

At a time of global mental health crisis, Impulse fosters empathy towards a deeply misunderstood condition. Those with ADHD are often branded as wild dangerous troublemakers. The true reality of the condition is struggling with constant acceleration, often overwhelmed by powerful emotions.  Through better understanding of what drives these rhythms and their relationship to our own, our project guides you towards genuine revelations about how to tune into the unique tempos of the people we love.

Read our interview with XR Must about the Venice Gap-Financing event (1-3 September, 2023) to learn a bit more about Impulse.


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Teaser trailer for Impulse, the next feature in Anagram's Playing With Reality series.  Currently in development.




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