What and where is your subconscious?

An audio installation at We The Curious in Bristol, UK. Part of the permanent exhibition "Project What If".

Why do some thoughts spring into your mind - while others stay buried?

This non-fiction trip into your own imagination offers an encounter with things that might be hiding in the dark unswept corners.  

Lie back in the white orb, let the world of the science centre recede beyond the horizon, and let the 7-point surround sound system whisk you away into a dreamy, thoughtful place. 

This is an audio experience commissioned by We The Curious, designed for all ages and commissioned as part of the new Project What If exhibition. A space where art and science collide, Project What If will be the first major science centre exhibition in the UK inspired entirely by the curiosity of a city’s residents.


We The Curious (in Bristol) went through a major refurbishment in 2020.

The science centre reopened on May 22nd.

Project What If sees 68 new exhibits and 25 art pieces clustered around seven questions on very different themes from rainbows to invisIbility to the soul.  Find out more about the process of redesigning the science centre here.

This piece was made in response to the question - "What is the subconscious?". This is a part of a section of the museum floor framed by another question - "can science see the soul?" - which was posed by a member of the public in Bristol in 2019.

It is a permanent piece for the science centre’s ground floor. 

Try this audio sample from the beginning of the experience (and imagine you are lying down inside a white orb on the museum floor) >>






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