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We make immersive and interactive experiences.

We have made elaborate parties, intimate blindfolded journeys in the dark, interactive documentaries, audio walks, VR, films, games in the middle of the night, immersive theatre without the actors… we like stories, and dreaming up new ways to build them.

The experiences we make all engage with you, as the participant, in a physical, playful and poetic way; you will not leave in quite the same state as you arrived.

Anagram care deeply about how diverse audience members might experience their work, and manage to find ways to push each participant beyond their everyday comfy places, without ever making them feel exposed, uncomfortable, or like they might be doing it wrong.Verity McIntosh, Programme Lead for MA Virtual Reality at UWE Bristol

We do not have anything permanently installed – if you are curious to see a show or want one to arrive in your town, then send us an email to


I See The Future

A participatory public art project originally commissioned by Royal Shakespeare Company, Shakespeare Birthplace Trust and Creative Producers International.

Goliath Title


Goliath is a powerful VR documentary experience about how a man lost his mind and found it again through the virtual world of social gaming.

Currently in development – supported by the Venice Biennale VR Academy and Creative XR (Digital Catapult).

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Make Noise

Make Noise is a playful interactive VR experience about what it means to speak out against injustice. Using the voices of the original Suffragettes and also your voice.

Created with BBC VR Hub
Official Selection for Venice Biennale Film Festival 2018 for VR
Nominated for Amnesty Media Award for Innovation in 2019


The Collider

An immersive experience that explores your own personal relationship with power. Room-scale VR integrated into a theatrical set.

IDFA Doclab 2018, Tribeca Storyscapes 2019, Sandbox Immersive 2019, Venice Biennale “Best of 2019 VR”

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Universal Motherhood

An immersive photographic and video exhibition created by Anagram for Save The Children and GSK.

Follow the course of five women across the globe, as they navigate the final stages of pregnancy, endure labour and give birth in this striking immersive exhibition.



Land_Scar_Land is virtual sculpture that captures the memories of the border which divided Ireland at the moment when it threatens to return.

Currently in development.

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Nowville: A city we can believe in

Nowville is an evolving interactive paper city. Installed in the Arcade of Bush House, over two months anyone can become a  citizen and decide on all aspects of its running – from whether we use money, to if prisons should exist. Would we make a better world than this one if we had complete control?   



A ritual for our times. Through your phone, the voice of another world is channelled. Obey it and it will set you free. An experience for hundreds of people at a time.

Collaboration with The Smartphone Orchestra, premiered at IDFA DocLab 2017.

hospital CCTV

I Swear To Tell The Truth

Who do you believe is telling the truth, and why do you believe them? If Vietnam was the first live conflict on television, Syria is the first on YouTube. How do we navigate our own part in the dissemination of news?

An immersive experience commissioned by Imperial War Museums.


Only Lean On That Which Resists

The Order of Balance is the greatest public service that the world has never heard of.

A one-night immersive spectacle-come-party commissioned by Mozilla for Mozfest 2016.

POM Image

Palace of the Machines

A one night only celebration of the limits of flesh and the wonders of metal.



Step into a shadowy world of state surveillance, where messages and phone calls lead you around one of our most notorious prisons; this is your induction into the art of covert investigation.


Door Into The Dark

Winner of Tribeca Film Festival Storyscapes award for best interactive work, 2015. Door Into The Dark is an immersive documentary experience about what it means to be lost.


Teleportation Tent

The Teleportation Tent is an immersive story den for children. One part DIY game of building, one part imaginative flight of technological fancy; this small self-built teepee comes to life with interactive 360 projections that flood the inside walls.


Now is the Time To Say Nothing

Directed by Caroline Williams. An interactive video installation exploring the role of screens in observing global conflict. The show is a provocation against armchair passivity.


The Arctic 30

In the words of Sini, Frank, Dima, Camila, Colin and Faiza, this is the story of the Arctic 30. Commissioned by Greenpeace.