Working with Anagram was a truly inspiring experience. Their creative input is innovative, delivered quickly and with high professionalism. Their energy and motivation is easily transferred to the project and the people working with them.
We definitely look forward to future collaborations!

Cristina Tarquini
UX Design Concepter & Technologist

Services for

Anagram Studio draws on expertise in narrative design, software development and CGI workflows offering the versatility to produce a wide range of projects - from immersive light mapping, to mixed reality experiences. 

Working across the spectrum of art and technology we can produce experiences that put the audience at the centre of the story. 

Our practise based approach to interaction design ensures a positive user experience and an engagement with your project core message. 

We are available to consult on, work with you or produce and manage the creation of the following parts of your project.

  • Narrative and experience design
  • Virtual reality content development and creation (room-scale, installation, tethered and untethered headset)
  • AR content development and creation
  • User Experience design 
  • App development
  • Post production techniques in game engine or traditional CGI


We collaborate with institutions, museums and festivals across film, dance and public engagement  to explore the possibilities emerging technology can bring to more traditional forms of storytelling and experiential event design.

Anagram has made work with organisations around the world. 

We are happy to respond to a theme and work closely with the organiser to develop work which meets audience needs, numbers and adaptable to site-specific or touring requirements.  

We can work to develop quick testable prototypes to engage and inspire partners and give a flavour of how immersive storytelling can be used in a variety of contexts. mixing site specific storytelling and tourable requirements.

Doclab Conference

Anagram came up with an ingenious idea for Make Noise – a VR experience using voice interaction – and successfully delivered an experience that was creatively and technically ambitious for a new piece of hardware – the Oculus Go headset. They demonstrated that the interaction mechanism would work in a prototype, and the final build when delivered has proved to be robust and bug free.

Zillah Watson 
Head of BBC VR

Talks, Workshops and Teaching

We love to share what we have learnt and delve deeply into the iterative process of making experiential stories that blend physical and digital realities. 

We do this by giving talks and by designing and teaching workshops - from giving the closing talk at the 2015 Interactive Conference of the DocLab at IDFA, to hosting a day’s symposium in the Alternate Realities section of Sheffield DocFest, to a back room workshop on storytelling at the Interactive Telecommunications Programme at the Tisch School of the Arts in New York. Recent trips to give talks at major festivals include New Zealand for Miramar Creative’s conference on Creative Futures and Warsaw for the Digital Cultures Conference 2019 .

We have substantial experience in devising all kinds of teaching sessions - from 2 day fully intensive workshops where we make small projects, to 1 hour sessions on interactive storytelling. Our students have included people doing MAs in VR to professionals in the TV and film industry. Having worked in documentary for many years before starting Anagram, we have a nuanced understanding of how to apply knowledge learned in the TV and film industries to the new terrain of immersive and interactive storytelling. 

We can teach across a broad spectrum of subjects - from immersive narrative design to using Unity in a creative collaborative way to how the histories of documentary and interactive media have intertwined. We have a particular specialism in creative processes for immersive and interactive projects - if you are struggling to get the best out of your team in this new medium, talk to us.

Please get in touch if you are interested and want to book a session or talk. 




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