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Being Someone Else: Part Three – Sophie Calle’s Double Game

01 Apr 2016 / in collider, musing

In Paul Auster’s Leviathan there’s a character called Maria. She’s a French artist who does experiments on herself. These include reserving different colour foods for different days of the week.   Declaring certain days are dedicated to certain letter. Choosing a different person each morning in the cafe she would frequent to follow for the entire day. […]

Being someone else: Part Two – The Case of The Body Swap

reedit you
28 Mar 2016 / in collider, musing

  The premise of the new project – (first working title The Impossible Divide second working title The Collider mirroring a lack of commitment to whether two humans with different bodies and minds can understand one another or is it a task doomed to fail) – sets two people in a built space. One is inside a […]

Being someone else: Part One – are you thinking what I’m thinking?

another land
27 Mar 2016 / in collider, musing, News

  How do two people come to understand each other’s experience of the world. Anagram are embarking on a new project looking at what it means to understand another human, their world and their experience and to what degree we ever can.   Where would you start?   There is no external way of knowing […]