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The City Makes Itself – Stories from Rio

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11 Nov 2013 / in News

In the throes of researching our next online interactive documentary on city planning here in Rio de Janiero. The subject for now is Rocinha, Latin America’s densest favela – with 150,000 people in the space of 2.2km squared. 2015 will make 100 hundred years since the first ex-slaves made the mountains their home – bordering […]

Engineering dialogue

13 Oct 2013 / in News

Today was a Stellar Network Story Innovation day. It was at Blast Theory in Brighton with Matt Adams, in the bat cave where me & May spent those weeks in the Spring (mainly writing on the white board and talking to Ju… and coming up with the core concept behind Door Into The Dark). Matt, […]


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09 Oct 2013 / in News

The very brilliant people at the Pervasive Media Studio interviewed us a few weeks ago. We thought we’d told too many jokes and persuaded them out of giving us the residency by suggesting that if they didn’t, it wouldn’t matter because we’d set up our own residency in a caravan opposite the Watershed, where we […]

Dig – Daniel Silver exhibition in central London.

05 Oct 2013 / in News

Dig by Daniel Silver is quite close to being brilliant. The ideas appeal to all my sensibilities – Freud, totems, belief systems, archaeology and mind excavation, a lovely crumbling site full of puddles… all quite exciting. But somehow it didn’t move me as much as it could have done. The scupltures were beautiful though. Specially […]

Hello website!

26 Sep 2013 / in News

This is a very nice website built by Will Brady’s fair hands. See his work on his very nice WEBSITE.