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Being someone else: Part One – are you thinking what I’m thinking?

another land
27 Mar 2016 / in collider, musing, News

  How do two people come to understand each other’s experience of the world. Anagram are embarking on a new project looking at what it means to understand another human, their world and their experience and to what degree we ever can.   Where would you start?   There is no external way of knowing […]

How we came to make a show about terrorism set in a military institution

Screenshot 2016-04-01 13.35.08
01 Mar 2016 / in News, politics

The project at the Tower of London began with a phone call. Susie Thornberry a former producer at the BAC, and now producing for the Learning and Engagement Team at the Tower of London called us up about designing a nighttime experience for them. They were asking two companies to embark on a short sprint of R’n’d culminating […]

Door Into The Dark picked as one of the Digital Dozen

D from DITD
03 Feb 2016 / in News

Columbia University’s Digital Storytelling Lab (DSL) announced their first annual “Digital Dozen: Breakthroughs in Storytelling,” – a list of the most creative approaches to narrative from the past year. Door Into The Dark got picked for the list! They said: “The works honored for 2015 include an ad campaign; a video game; an art installation; […]

Creative England 50!

Creative England
03 Feb 2016 / in News

We got selected for this celebration of the best creative companies in England for 2016. About the award, they said… “The Creative England 50 report celebrates the best companies and brightest creative talent leading the pack for creative industries across England. Chosen by a panel of industry experts, the CE50 for 2016 includes a wide […]

Across the gulfs of the absurd

ursula le guin
25 Nov 2015 / in News

Returning from IDFA, I sit in the bath and rather than risk an electrifying death by trying to use the IDFA version of a google cardboard, I read a book about narrative and writing by Ursula Le Guin. She’s a master. She writes, “To describe narrative as “rationalization” of the given or of events is […]

Staring Out The CGI, or should new forms of documentary offer a new way of experiencing our relationship with a subject?

Cue China
24 Nov 2015 / in News

Yesterday I spent the afternoon after the IDFA DocLab Question Raiser diligently doing as many of the experiences as I could sign up for at this year’s meaty selection They all have some great properties in different ways. LoVR allows you to fly around the pulse of a man’s data as he see a lady […]

Everything you need to build a city is here

2015-11-07 15.59.05
15 Nov 2015 / in News

For the festival that celebrated 5 years of REACT, The Rooms , we assembled an army of 3 – 10 year olds and built a cardboard city. With string and gaffer tape, material and marker pens, a metropolis made of cardboard boxes was born. With an oil rig, underwater castle, homeless shelter, Better Foods Company […]

The Genuine Article: Good stories and fake history in the Syrian conflict

22 Jul 2015 / in News

As part of the Platforms residency at The Lighthouse we have been developing a project that takes as its starting point the smuggling of Syrian and Iraqi artifacts out of the region and the power of the images generated by ISIS of their destruction. Here is a little bit of the familiar images.   What […]

You shall know us by our trail of stuff – Visiting archives in the West Midlands

19 May 2015 / in News

Anagram have been asked to be part of a development process with West Midland Archives. At risk o funding cuts the archives want to find a bold way to communicate the meaning of their existence. The hidden gems in their vaults. The work that their archivists do. And in their possession the piecemeal beginning and endings of stories. […]

Door Into The Dark wins Storyscapes award at Tribeca Film Festival

D from DITD
26 Apr 2015 / in News

After the incredible team worked their socks off to make the show happen, from scratch in a completely different country, Shari Frilot of Sundance, Charlie Philips of the Guardian and Andrew Golis, decided that Door Into The Dark should be awarded the prize for best project in the Storyscapes section of Tribeca Film Festival 2015. […]