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Tribeca Storyscapes Ahoy.

29 Mar 2015 / in News

April begins in 2 days. April 2015 is a particularly important month for Anagram.

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2 years ago, in April 2013, we were sat in the bat cave of the Blast Theory basement. We were obsessed with getting lost (partly inspired by Rebecca Solnit’s book “A Field Guide to Getting Lost“). We didn’t know what to do about that besides: play with a blindfold or two and string up some rope between one corner of the kitchen and the other to tentatively inch along; talk about apps that purposefully adjusted your map so your phone started telling you the wrong things; fake doors; emotional disasters; illusions… Ju asked us lots of searching questions and I went for long runs along the seaside in the morning from Portslade into Brighton and back.

April 2014 saw the furious re-design of Door Into The Dark in preparation for Sheffield DocFest, following our work-in-progress showing at iDocs, facilitated by the ever-present and ever-excellent Mandy Rose (no relation to me).


April 2015 sees Door Into The Dark open in New York, as one of the five selected projects for Tribeca Storyscapes – alongside our mentors of 2 years ago, Blast Theory with their project Karen. Sponsored by Bombay Sapphire, we will all be knee deep in mother’s ruin.

Ingrid Kopp is our favourite person now. After trying to romance her with stories of a far-fetched idea to blindfold people and get them lost, while guzzling coffee at the DocLab at IDFA 2013, she is now the first person to invite us to another country to build our somewhat complicated and meticulous show. For her spirit and willingness to engage with something that is very hard to accommodate within the normal confines of a film festival, we will be eternally grateful. Ingrid is particularly relevant to us because she used to work at Channel 4 documentary and then she took the leap into the world of innovative and mysterious technology – which is not so far away from our own story.

Since April 2013, research for Door Into The Dark has incorporated religious pilgrimages, all-night raves, discussions with deep sea divers, truly blind dates and a variety of arcane rituals. As the anniversary comes around, we realise that this odd thing – that was birthed in Blast Theory‘s basement, nurtured in the Pervasive Media Studio and championed by the irrepressible Heather Croall of Sheffield DocFest (what an amazing bunch!) – has become the most important (and collaborative) piece of work we have ever done.